We manage your investment on a turnkey basis. 
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About us

High level of professionalism.

We have gained rich development, professional supervision, and project management experience through 20 years of working in leading Croatian and global companies in the construction sector. We are well aware of the challenges that every investor faces. Therefore we take care of all aspects of the investment to support a client in easily achieving the desired result.
Our job is to confront challenges, provide solutions, pay attention to details, and it is up to you to support us and enjoy your new space.

Projects we worked on: residential area Vrbani 3, POS Umag, hotel Lone, tourist resorts Fenomen Plitvice, resort Amarin, concrete plant Holcim Kukuljanovo, Forensic Department of Psychiatric Clinic Vrapče, extension and refurbishment of the General Hospital Pula, reconstruction of the headquarter building Adris; as well as on dozens of family houses, energy renovations, reconstructions, etc.
Design and plan

Design and plan

Individual approach to a profitable investment.

Regardless of the project's size or scope, we provide the same care and attention to details and processes. The first important step is to define a project idea with a client precisely. After that, we move on to preparing the project documentation. As we work on the technical drawings, the client is highly involved in a very interactive and collaborative process. We thoroughly talk to our clients to determine the specific needs and desired functions of the project's various spaces.

The client should receive a complete picture of the planned investment, so the 3D model is an integral part of our projects.The 3D BIM (building information modeling) results in better project documentation, largely avoiding unforeseen works, which positively affects investment return.

Project management

Professional support in all phases of the investment.

We represent investors' interests and manage communication with other participants involved in the project from the initial steps of estimating and budgeting through the design and construction phases.

Our professional support and expertise in the earliest phase of the project results in better project documentation and highly reduces the scope of unforeseen works (the sooner, the better). 

We provide complete administration of the project and transparent insight into the construction process.Savings are realized by reducing the unexpected and additional works, completion within the anticipated time frame, and the optimization of building solutions.Depending on the client's wishes, we can manage and contract the whole project from start to finish.
Project management
Professional supervision

Professional supervision

Years of experience on complex projects.

Our extensive experience in the construction and supervision of residential, industrial, and tourist facilities guarantees a high level of authority over the building and the quality of installed materials. 

We recommend contracting a project management service in addition to the supervision service to get a faster and more cost-effective process. That leads to significant savings, project implementation on time, and within the budget.

Also, we perform FIDIC supervision when the construction is contracted according to the FIDIC model. As FIDIC engineers, we take care of the administration and implementation of contractual obligations between investors and contractors.

Technical consulting

Professional support in all phases of the investment.

Technical consulting includes a wide range of professional services that help a client solve various project implementation challenges.

Are you planning a new investment or have a property and unsure what you could build? We will advise you about options and analyze the property's use or assess the feasibility of the project.

On the other hand, are you already in the construction phase and have encountered an obstacle or dilemma that you are not sure how to solve? We will provide you expert and detailed insight and propose the best solution.Whatever problem you might have related to the building, feel free to contact us.
Technical consulting
More than 20 years of experience
Time and cost optimization
Easier project building